How to sync your mobile Delta Chat account with your computer desktop?

How to synchronize your Delta Chat account on your phone with your computer desktop?

  • Android/Linux/Windows -

You want to use your Delta Chat account simultaneously and synchronized on your Android phone and on your computer desktop as well. Note that for iPhone/Mac Desktop there is a separate HOWTO.

Follow the instructions and you will be able to seamlessly switch between your devices with your chat history in sync:

  • In Delta Chat click on the menu (upper right corner) → SettingsAdvanced and enable Send copy to myself (necessary for seeing sent messages on your other device as well).

  • Create a backup on your phone: in Delta Chat click on the menu → Chats and Media → scroll down and click on Back Up Chats to External Storage. Now you might need to type in the password or use the finger print that you also use to unlock your phone. Click on Start Backup. This will create a backup file in your downloads folder on your mobile phone, with a name like delta-chat-[DATE].bak

  • Connect your mobile phone to your computer via USB cable. A permanent notification will appear on your phone. Select transfer file mode to transfer the backup from your phone to your computer/ tablet, e.g. to downloads folder as well.
    Please do NEVER take short cuts such as sending the DC backup via cloud, e-mail or messenger because the backups are not encrypted thus not protected. If someone gets access to your backup they could for example impersonate you

  • Open Delta Chat on your Desktop and DO NOT put in your email address or password. Instead click on Import Backup (center bottom) on the start screen. A window will open, navigate to your Android phone → download folder and click on the backup file you just created on your phone (delta-chat-[DATE].bak). You synchronized account will open immediately. Please delete your backup once you set up your device.

*In case you:

  • want to create a backup on your computer desktop to transfer your chats to your phone: click on the menu ![|19x19](file:///tmp/lu7917jck2c1.tmp/lu7917jck2cd_tmp_78b637279618a610.png) → scroll all the way down and click on Export Backup. Save the backup file on your computer. Connect your phone via usb cable to your computer and transfer the backup file in the download folder of your phone.

  • you had set up your e-mail account already with your Delta Chat Desktop:
    please remove it first by clicking on the menu → click on Switch Email Account and click on the X beside your mail account to delete it.

  • you don’t care about importing old messages from one device to another and just need to synchronize your Delta Chat account on two or more devices: click on the menu → SettingsAdvancedSend Autocrypt Setup Message. Remember to click Delete Messages from Server (SettingsChats and Media)


If you don’t care about old messages and you want synchronize two devices you can simply use “Send Autocrypt Setup Message” in Settings > Advanced.

Remember to set “Delete Messages from Server” (Settings > Chats and Media) in a way that the other client can receive them.

Also remember, if you want to use the backup file, to destroy it as soon as possible!


maybe worth mentioning that this is done in a permanent notification that is visible once connected via usb.

maybe mention to never do that because the backups are not encrypted yet and also mention that the user should delete them after use.


Thanks for the useful feedback, I integrated it! Happy Christmas!


Thanks to you as well, Simon and happy Christmas holidays!

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The synchronization seems not to work for me 100% yet.

I have enabled Send copy to myself on the laptop.

I can see the messages sent from the laptop on my phone.
However, I can’t see the messages sent from the phone on the laptop.

Am I missing something?

I found the issue.

You have to set Send copy to myself on the laptop and on the phone.

On the phone: Settings → Click on your Profile → Password and Account → Send Copy to Self

I wish this feature was on one by default