I made a video call app (WITHOUT 15-second ping this time)

The long-awaited sequel to

What’s changed is that now it uses the recently added webxdc real-time P2P channels, so now there is no 15-second delay (now it’s around 1 second), and you can actually do calls over it because of that (but remember that it’s still just a prototype).


  1. Enable “Realtime Webxdc Channels” in Delta Chat advanced settings.
  2. Refer to “Usage” from the previous post (you’ll need to modify Delta Chat desktop to send your audio/video).

And remember that Delta Chat already supports audio/video calls through third-party services, which is (almost?) always better.


we urgently need the possibility to have camera and microphone web API access in webxdc!!!


It remains quite beneficial, as it allows for the convenience of not having to set up meeting services like Jitsi oneself, particularly in an internal network environment. :star_struck:

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I believe that at any time, lowering the threshold for using an app (including the threshold for a specific feature) is always a meaningful endeavor. :smile:

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