Improve mesage threading with glue like navigation

Can we get some ideas from ?
I think this will improve DeltaChat over all the other chat systems :slight_smile:


There is a prototype by the author of the comic:
Demo is available at

First of all, Delta Chat does not have replies, which are per-requisite for this feature: Reply to Message

As for the feature, offering two views for each chat and adding navigation elements to jump between “leafs” is too complicated. Delta Chat makes it very easy to create new chats and always sorts news messages below the last read message. In the chatlist new messages can be represented with a single number. “Glue” approach seems to be inspired by messengers like Slack or Discord, building upon the IRC model, where groups (or “channels”) are less dynamic and require more management, because even by default they have multiple user roles.

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A great post talking about the difference between IRC/Slack/Discord and Delta Chat style messengers, related:

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