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It would be nice if there is a possibility to respond to (older) messages like whatsapp and telegram does.

Maybe you could keep the subject of the selected message, pretend a "RE: " and also keep the old message body with a pretended “>” each line.

On top it would be very nice when there is the same behavoir when the contact responds to the message.

Thanks, Benjamin

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Maybe makes useless: [Discussion] Make DC a replacement for MUAs? ; but keeps user experience

Subject of emails

Sure, answering older messages would come as a natural improvement at some time.


I would really like to be able to reply to a message, I think this will be really useful in groups, but I think replying to a message is actually a subset of the quoting functionality!!! where replying to a messages is full quoting the message, but quoting is more flexible since you can partially quote a message, so you can reply to a specific part of the message.

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and I don’t think that being able to reply/quote will make useless: [Discussion] Make DC a replacement for MUAs?


+1 :smiley:


Selective in-reply-to is actually part of: