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It would be nice if there is a possibility to respond to (older) messages like whatsapp and telegram does.

Maybe you could keep the subject of the selected message, pretend a "RE: " and also keep the old message body with a pretended “>” each line.

On top it would be very nice when there is the same behavoir when the contact responds to the message.

Thanks, Benjamin

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Maybe makes useless: [Discussion] Make DC a replacement for MUAs? ; but keeps user experience


Sure, answering older messages would come as a natural improvement at some time.


I would really like to be able to reply to a message, I think this will be really useful in groups, but I think replying to a message is actually a subset of the quoting functionality!!! where replying to a messages is full quoting the message, but quoting is more flexible since you can partially quote a message, so you can reply to a specific part of the message.

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and I don’t think that being able to reply/quote will make useless: [Discussion] Make DC a replacement for MUAs?


+1 :smiley:

Selective in-reply-to is actually part of:


I’m sorry to being negative on that one. Since initially I wanted something similar myself.

But I found it’s most obvious and reasonable to answer for an old message just via your MUA – regular email client. Than it brings the answer to current discussion and let you continue talking on the topic. So maybe we actually need a way to open a message in MUA.

Though the chat could win from giving user the context of the message, because sometimes I click info-button in chat to see full-message.

What if we could use standard e-mail threading properties (reply-to and so on) to implement responses to older message? It would significantly improve experience of reading emails from people out of Delta who send answers for different threads to you; sometimes I have three different topics of different pace with one correspondent.

  1. If Delta identify message in conversation, which is being replied to, then it should be shown in the style @bennis initially attached. (When it’s not previous message.)

  2. If you want to reply to an arbitrary message in conversation. then your reply should properly refer to this message. That way people will get nice thread branch in traditional MUA as well will see chat-style reply in Delta.

  3. When you just add a message in conversation it refers to the last message if time from
    reply to last message is small [^1], and start new “thread” if the time is over threshold. The threshold should be customizable (even could be adaptive in future).
    There also could be an icon if new thread will be started by your message (maybe with horizontal line). And if you want to continue previous thread you should select a previous message (last or another) for reply; alternatively the icon could be clickable just to continue last thread (remove the line) — last option need additional coding for usability, first option relies on previous features.

What to do with inline responses?

[^1]: Currently I usually just send a new mail from MUA if there was no chat activity with the person for an hour or two. And if counterparty is actively engages in the conversation, then I take advantage of Delta to speed things up.

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Guys, could we prioritize it a bit? People tells me that they hate when I write to them via DC as they can’t follow the discussion without context.


Same to me. I also need this feature for the reason.

And I also have a idea how it could looks like:

Maybe it could work this way:

DC hide quoted text of regular mails and only shows “…”
So it can detected (maybe by the “>”).

So now you could show this text in the top of the message simmilar how it’s done by every famous messenger.

If a DC user tab the button “quote” it could added the qouted message behind the regular text as in regular mail.

Example for the sendet message shown in a regular mail client:


This is the reply of the quoted message

Sendet by Alice (

This is the message which is quoted.
You know what I mean?


And this message should be shown in DC like this (but nicer :wink:):


Alice ( wrote:

This is the message which is quoted.
You know what I mean?

This is the reply of the quoted message


Probably in DC you should only show the quoted text if this message is sendet from a DC client.

I think you can see it in the header is it sendet from DC or a MUA?!


To illustrate my idea I have created two screenshots:

Delta Chat:



I already asked: what with inlines?

Personally I use (i) button to check the whole message.
Though the problem is hotter with people who doesn’t want install DC, as they get really tense on these emails. (

Should I open a new feature proposal

from Chat- and Document-style e-mail addresses and interactions – to create a button that push message out of DC processing to MUA. Ideally I would want to

  1. receive a notification from DC;
  2. see that it’s lengthy, or complex, or forwarded with several quotations
  3. press a button for the message and visually mark it as moved-copied to MUA
  4. receive notifications from my MUA (mobile, desktop, web) that I have a “new” email
  5. use the notification and process it via MUA
  6. DC reflect my answer in the chat also

I also searched for that function - would be nice to be able to reply to individual messages in groups!



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Since this work in current nightly (Index of /android/nightly/) this topic can marked as solved I suppose :+1:


I don’t understand, I started to use DC from few days, but when I reply to a not-DC user, my reply is at the bottom.
I had understood instead, that was switched for a best reading, am I right? :roll_eyes:

I also think it would be better if the reply would (in regular mail) be in top of the quoted text.

But I’m glad it works generally. :wink:

This is a absolutely new feature.

Currently bottom-posting style is always used, same as how it is displayed in the messenger UI. DC does not keep quote from the quoted message, so it does not become a copy of the full conversation over time, like it usually happens with top-posting email clients.

When receiving, DC can handle both quote styles. So it should not be a problem to switch quoting style or make an option if needed.

If it is important for you to make DC use top posting style, maybe open another feature request.