Improvement for using voice messages

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Expected behavior

The option to

  1. stop and
  2. continue voice recording and
  3. submission, in a separate step would be nice.

Actual behavior

The microphone button has to be

  1. hold pressed during voice recording and the
  2. voice message is sent instantly and automaticely at releasing the microphone button.
  3. No chance to stand back from sending after the microphone button has been pressed once, no chance to stop and rethink about, no chance to add something, no chance to generate a voice mail in multiple sequences.
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NOTE: now you don’t have to keep pressed the record button, you can lock recording

Now = in nightly Android builds only?

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This is not possible in common VMB’s (voicemail boxes) either. Not sure how we could integrate such a feature in the UX. I would say, if voice recording must be “produced” (stopped/cut), this should be done with another app. The result (sound file) could be shared with the Delta Chat app afterwards.

I know the feature to start, stop and continue voice recording from multiple other apps and messengers.
I guess, I wasn’t clear enough, what I meant with “multiple sessions”.

Maybe, additionally to the proposed feature, an optional “walkie-talkie-mode” (i.e. push-to-talk) could remain in DC?
(Says me who has never sent a voice message at all).

PS. BTW, yet another option. :wink:

@CrazyM You can already invite chat members to video chats by sending the appropriate links to them:

If you do not want to use video, just disable your webcam before or after joining the conference.

Fully support the first message in this thread :+1:
Especially the point “submission in a separate step” would be very welcome.
(pushing send button for sending would be great)