Confirmation of Receipt not reliable

@gerryfrancis : As I never saw this window, could You please pose to me, the process sequence of the pop-up-message box, to whom it is offered at which state and what are the consequences of ticking “Mark as read” on both sides of the communication?

(to me it doesn’t make sense, why this pop-up-window might appear at the sender’s display, offering the option “Mark as read”)

It works as follows:

  • You send a message to your contact in Delta Chat.
  • The contact currently either
    ** works with another Android app or
    ** has the device on standby (black screen).
  • When the message is received on the device of your Delta Chat contact, the popup appears on the screen.
  • Your contact taps on “Mark as read” (“Als gelesen markieren”). Delta Chat should send a read receipt back to your mail address, which should be the confirmation for your Delta Chat client that your contact read the message. (However, there might be an issue with this function.)


While I’ve never see this window on receiving a message, it might be possible, that my communication partner gets this kind of window, I don’t know.

Is the precondition for sending a receipt for having read a message, that this tick becomes activated? I had the assumption, that just opening DC or may be opening a special chat would initate this confirmation of having read the message.

When both (sender and receiver) use a Delta Chat client, read receipts are sent for every message that is read.

A chat often consists of more than one message. Imagine you sent ten messages to your contact, then he/she might have to scroll up to read all the messages. So, in this case, just opening the chat does not automatically send ten read receipts back to you.


Thank You for the patience, but I have to ask again:

Could You please rewrite this more precisely? … What exactly initiates the confirmation message? Is it generated automaticely? Is it selecting and opening the communication-chat with this user?

And again, could You please rewrite this more precisely? … What does opening of the chat initiate in case of multiple messages received ? Sending no receipt? Sending of a single receipt? To which message, the latest one? the first one?

Would You confirm, that ticking the pop-up-window offering “Mark as read” is not required, to release a receipt to the sender, as it is generated automaticely latest at the moment, when the chat is opened?

It is as simple as that: When you and your contact use a Delta Chat client, as soon as your contact receives a message from you and reads it, a read receipt is sent to you automatically. (Read receipts must be enabled in the settings before, of course, but that is a default anyway.)

For all messages that are displayed on the screen of your contact (who is the receiver), a read receipt per message is sent to you (who is the sender). Example: If six messages out of ten are read by your contact, you will get six read receipts back.

The popup is no longer offered as soon as the respective chat in Delta Chat is opened. Should there be another unread message(s) in another chat, too, the popup alerts as long as the respective chat has not been opened. Example: You are a member of two different groups, let’s name them “Adam” and “Eva”, and you receive messages in both groups. You receive two alerts that group “Adam” and group “Eva” have new unread messages. You switch to Delta Chat and open group chat “Adam” to read the new messages, so the alert for group “Adam” will vanish at this point. You do the same with group “Eva”, and … You already know the answer…

Ah, OK.
I had been confused by You point:

But from Your last answer, it sounds like I will get ten receipts.

OK thanks a lot for clarification.

Finally nothing of this seems to be able to explain, why I receive a confirmation of having read the message only sometimes, but sometimes not. I would say, only half of the messages gets confirmed for having been read.
What works always is the single tick, telling the message was transmitted. Double tick doesn’t work in about 50% of the messages.

If the respective chat view has been opened before many new messages were received, it might be possible that the receiver must scroll up to read all messages. If he/she does not, read receipts will be sent back only for those messages that are displayed (and read), but not for the other (older) ones. That (also) could explain why you do not get double-checkmarks for every message you sent.

Impressing: Does DC really recognize, which of all the messages within one chat where partly or fully displayed (by scrolling up and down) on the smart phone’s screen?

Nevertheless: There were short communications like, all happened within a time span of an hour

  1. me: I am at that place and will give You a note, when I leave and arrive at some hour at some place (single tick)
  2. he: Thank’s, yes let me know
  3. me: I leave now (double tick)
  4. he: see You soon

I cannot imagine, that the partner didn’t read my message Nr.1, for he answered with Nr. 2. But minutes later, with the next message, I got the double tick.

In other situations, I miss double ticks for several of my messages in a row. In a telephone call to him, I found out he definitely had read my messages using the DC app.


That is why I mentioned the popup notification from the Android message center.

You remember that there is a “Reply” (“Antworten”) button in the popup. Please ask your contact whether he/she sent the reply by tapping on this button. If that is true, the message was obviously not read and replied to within the Delta Chat client, but from the popup. In this scenario it might be possible that no read receipt is sent back to you. However, we would have to know if this was the case, otherwise it was pure speculation.

As I can’t remember to have ever seen the pop-up-message-window on my smart phone, I try to understand from Your words:
Is it correct, that there are two options to answer a DC.message:

  1. writing into the pop-up-window and press “Antworten”
  2. opening the chat and writing in the bottom line and pressing the “flyer” at the end of the line

So there was a difference in the confirmation handling between both ways, that with option 1. no confirmation is initiated ?

Does the pop-up-window contain the received message text?
Somehow my partner must have read my message, as he answered to the contents of my message.

You can take a look at the popup message I sent a few posts ago, where you can see two buttons named “Antworten” and “Als gelesen markieren”.


Maybe, therefore please find out with your contact and report back. Thanks!

I guess, You missed my last sentence

It indicates that my correspondence partner obviously has read my message.

Nevertheless, I understand, that You are tired of this chat here.
So thank You for all the information, which really helped me to understand more of DC, while unfortuntately it couldn’t solve the problem.

No, otherwise I would not ask you to report back.

I am trying to explain that there are two methods to reply to a message: by the popup notification (press “Reply”), and within the Delta Chat view itself (by opening the app). Please check out both methods with your chat contact, then report back your findings. Thanks!

Does the pop-window show my complete message that way for reading (not only a note, that a message has arrived), without opening DC at all?

If “Yes”, I should tell my contact to always use the"Mark as Read" button or to open the message in the app.

When it is a short message, yes. The popup may not show media such as a picture or a video.

If there is different behavior between these two methods in regard to sending read receipts, we would appreciate if you do the test, because it might be an issue in Delta Chat. And we always have an open ear for bug reports. Many thanks in advance for your help to find out!

Ok: I’ve sent the request to my chat partner.

By the way, something what came across to me right now:
I tried the microphone symbol.
For me it worked like:

  • I could speak while I was pressing the symbol. And
  • after releasing the symbol, the message was sent automaticely and immediately.

Is that an expected behaviour?

  • I would prefer a two step procedure of recording a voice message and sending it. That would allow deleting voice messages, which didn’t work like expected or to break and continue the voice message.

Yes, but the next version will let you lock the microphone button, so you will not have to press it while recording your voice message. When locked, you can cancel the recording at any time.

Good news. Stop and continue of recording and separate submission, would be nice.

You may want to do feature proposals here: