"Independency" requires own email-server (tips on how to run)

Valued team of Delta-Chat, developers, user,

thought of the circumstance that more effective advances of use of the generous shared tool of Delta-Chat start by having more control over ones email-server, it’s maybe good to have a topic on hints and shares in regard of how to gain such, set up and maintain, as it isn’t really easy as far as having been informed.

Maybe also inspiration to give even more into “small” community email servers, family, clubs, interest-groups, villages…schools, what ever, which is handle-able as long it stays privat and does not become an issue of telecommunication laws and dangers to host things one wouldn’t like.

It’s maybe unusuall to consider in a world where things are “free” suggested everywhere, but to give others a “home”, a place to store and find their belongings, is a very meritful deed. And if knowing your supporter it’s easier in regard of clear gratitude.

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Mailcow recently announced improved support for Delta Chat:

Mudita that good interests from mail-provider arises for DC, good master link2xt.

How ever, it’s thought of getting known ways of how to setup own email-server, which is of course not straight within the apps stuff currently but maybe a good aditional way to ‘escape’ Tech-giants in regard of dependency with server.

Mailcow is not an email provider, but a server suite consisting of Postfix SMTP server, Dovecot IMAP server and various additions. The goal of Mailcow project is exactly to make it easier to setup your own email server.

Good master link2tx, an innovativ hoster general, but thought was more on how to setup when having host possibility.

Tips on “postfix” setup, if such is enough, for example.

(and appreciation for steady explaining)

A Raspberry Pi would probably work if you can put it on an internet connection with a static IP: Set up your own Raspberry Pi mail server - IONOS
or any Linux machine: How to Setup a Complete Mail Server (Postfix) using ‘Roundcube’ (Webmail) on Ubuntu/Debian (tecmint.com)

The Helm would probably work too. That’s more expensive, but includes offsite encrypted backups and DNS hosting. Helm

Could also install all of the mail server stuff on any cloud hosted virtual machine service like Azure, AWS, Linode, etc.

This script sounds like it makes things easier: LukeSmithxyz/emailwiz: Script that installs/configures a Dovecot, Postfix, Spam Assassin, OpenDKIM Debian web server (github.com)

Sadhu for giving into, good adamzea.
Having been given such like postfx recently, my person could observe and heard that’s all but not so easy to setup that it works well, especially because larger provider would try to hsrden ways. What’s importand for the setup, settings?

I have been searching for a solution to use email accounts that you really own.

I found a project called https://freedombox.org/ and I am waiting for a feature which is planned “Email Server”: FreedomBox/Features - Debian Wiki

The box with all that is on it will solve a lot of issues that you will run into having an email server on your own, e.g. getting a “Let’s encrypt” certificate, setting up a domain to only name a few.
It can really run in your home on any computer that can run a “Debian” Linux or you set it up on a Rasperry Pi as shown here: How To Set Up A FreedomBox At Home - Invidious

Just, the feature is not yet there. :wink:


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That feature in https://freedombox.org seems to be on the way!

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