Integrate Video Chat instance \\ BigBlueButton (BBB)

Dear developers, dear community,

Delta Chat is future! Thanks a lot for creating this project.

My question:
I’d like to integrate BBB (BigBlueButton) as video instance.
Has anyone of you tried this or experienced if it works?

Regards “Delta.Bog”


hi @Delta.Bog - first of all: welcome aboard!

on topic: apart from it’s name, i do not know BigBlueButton - but i assume, that typical instances do not allow ad-hoc room creation by the url as supported by Delta Chat currently (in case of jitsi, eg. does the trick) - what would be needed in addition to that for BigBlueButton? and are you up on helping on that?

Hi r10s,

thanks for answering my request.

BigBlueButton needs an individual link and I suppose, that ad-hoc-room-creation is not possible (i guess for security reasons).

As soon there ist more time for me to check this, I’ll report my progress to this topic here.


Why not then Jitsi?