Integrate Video Chat instance \\ BigBlueButton (BBB)

Dear developers, dear community,

Delta Chat is future! Thanks a lot for creating this project.

My question:
I’d like to integrate BBB (BigBlueButton) as video instance.
Has anyone of you tried this or experienced if it works?

Regards “Delta.Bog”


hi @Delta.Bog - first of all: welcome aboard!

on topic: apart from it’s name, i do not know BigBlueButton - but i assume, that typical instances do not allow ad-hoc room creation by the url as supported by Delta Chat currently (in case of jitsi, eg. does the trick) - what would be needed in addition to that for BigBlueButton? and are you up on helping on that?

Hi r10s,

thanks for answering my request.

BigBlueButton needs an individual link and I suppose, that ad-hoc-room-creation is not possible (i guess for security reasons).

As soon there ist more time for me to check this, I’ll report my progress to this topic here.


Why not then Jitsi?

we are about to introduce support for “static” videochat-urls that bypass room-generation, see discussion at Videochat with Webex - maybe that also helps for BigBlueButton.

In BBB you typically have an account, which owns a room (or more). A room has a permanent public link, so others can join.

The account owner needs to start the room so others can join. If the owner clicks on the public link, and is logged in, they can just click start.

If you are not logged in and the room has not started yet, you wait there until the owner has started the room.

If you are the owner but not logged in yet, you have to click “sign in” on the top right, authenticate, and then you can click on start.

@r10s If you want to test the behavior, you can drop me a DM :slight_smile:

that sounds as if the $NOROOM extension would fit for BBB as well.

@missytake yeah, would be great if you can mail me a BBB test-account to play around :slight_smile:

It took a while to complete my request concerning the integration/usage of BigBlueButton (BBB) as “Videochat” in Delta.Chat. Thanks to all of your comments and replies.

First, you need to be the owner of your BBB-Room.
Then, you can use the following extensions (they all worked, as far as I tried it):