"Log in to your server"

Hi, this is a proposal for the login, not properly for a feature.
I think that “Log in to your server” is a bit geek-oriented, why don’t use something more simple like “insert your email” or “login with your email”, etc.
I imagine my father asking me “what the xxxx is the server?”!
Delta Chat should be simple for everyone.

People get told to give nobody their email password, so they are afraid to type it in.
login with your email -> some people think it means signup with your email address and an unique password.

So the solution is not as straightforward as one might think.

Now I understand the reason, thanks.
If people understand what DC is, I don’t think they will be afraid to give the pwd like in any other client. If someone doesn’t really understand, probably a screen with a very short introduction will solve the question.

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