Logo competition & user opinion poll

We want to collect proposed (new) logos here, so we can compare them side by side. So everyone is welcome to add his/her proposal (or ideas) here (I’ll update the table).
When we come to a final state, we can collect a statistic of user opinions about the logos with a poll here and maybe one of the suggested ones will become Delta Chat’s new logo.

id/name logo author details/description
original deltachat
dcgray @violoncelloCH
upperdelta @mray
dcpurple @violoncelloCH (the purple colour value is probably subject to change or I'll possibly create multiple versions to compare)
main colour of delta chat would possibly be changed to purple too?
dcred @Hocuri (based on the ones from @violoncelloCH)
[yourlogo] [yourlogopreview] [yourname]

[poll will be created here]


I don’t think this should be seen as a vote but as statistics of user opinion about the logos which may help the deltachat team to decide


@adbenitez yes, that’s what I meant, thank you… let me correct this…


That radical color change on the last logo makes it very different. I like it.

I like purple, maybe a purple more dark, like the mpv logo… but the current(purple) one is really good already


I don’t like purple so I’d vote for red :wink:

Actually I’d be fine with anything colourful (high saturation) except purple or pink. (sorry)
That’s going to be a wonderful discussion :laughing:



I think, despite de color, this logo looks really good and modern, what I really don’t like is the upperdelta logo, sorry @mray

obviously, yes! :laughing: that’s always hard, because different people like different colours
I’ve added your red version to the table…

Just two other colors…
DClogo5 DClogo4

However, maybe two primary colours would be better? I didn’t succeed to design a good-looking icon with two colors though. Maybe @mray or @violoncelloCH does?

Hocuri in the end it is the same icon, I don’t think it makes sense to come with ‘what about this colour or this one’, after the icon is selected then discuss about the colour, otherwise the list will be cluttered with the same icon.

Hum. To be honest, so far design discussions are mostly happening offline, and it’s a bit difficult with mixing this with online. That’s a bummer for folks here and i am wondering what to do about it. You could also try join one of the several in-person gatherings although i know that’s not feasible for everyone.

In the past, how i have been going when i organized online-community feedbacked logo design: suggest some styles, colors, project background, it’s aims, visions, associations. Am afraid, I am not currently up to try organize this for DC, as i see a lot of other more immediately interesting things, also on the design side. However, I personally do like playing with purple and maybe something that reminds of an “@” :wink:

FWIW some emergent designs around Delta Chat elsewhere currently aim for a “retro-futuristic” trait. For example, check out a side project done by some folks closely related to Delta Chat gatherings and happenings: https://testrun.org – it’s where UX test accounts are created and where we can document and experiment-with ways how e-mail providers can offer more for DC users :wink:

On https://testrun.org I just see a weird graphic. Nothing to click on!?!

What do you think about if people could change the icon after install Delta Chat?


yip, for now it’s a place holder with no further clicks. stay tuned :wink:


Impossible on iOS without jailbreak and not too easy on android.
Also on android some launchers allow you to change an apps icon and download icon themes - so maybe we should request a delta chat icon in the most popular themes and make our own theme to provide some examples?

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Is it not possible self-modificate (from the own app) default chat icon on the installed app folder?

I was going to post another image, but a similar image exists already. The one I have is just a copy of the original image by @violoncelloCH, with the hue changed

my personal opinion:

Personaly I like the original currently the most, upperdelta is too glossy in my opinion and the logos derived from and including dcgray are too flat in my opinion (or they just have the wrong colors shades for being flat).

I believe that we should have an icon that works well on most home screens, especially on iOS and on desktop because it’s not so easy as in most android launchers to apply an icon theme.

So for those people on android that have a very specific taste in style - ask the theme developer of you choice to include delta chat in their theme.
I personally like the icon style of elementary OS (https://github.com/elementary/icons) for example.

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What about asking people with experience in logo design to contribute some ideas?

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