Message issue on Mac

Hi, I just installed Delta Chat on my Iphone and Mac desktop. Iphone works great but I can not type on the Mac. I can however send images. Anyone got any suggestions??

what versions (of deltachat and of macOS)?

Delta 1.26.0
Mac Big Sur 11.6.4

And now, all of a sudden its working…???

I experience the same issue sometimes. It goes away after a restart of the Delta Chat app on my Mac. I’m running macOS Monterey and Delta Chat 1.26.0 from the MAS.

So you can not type just in the message composer or also not in the search and the other input fields?

Maybe this is an electron issue that was already fixed, you can try the upcoming version if you want (🧪 Help testing the upcoming 1.27.X release) which already upgrades to a new minor electron version (we also plan upgrading electron to version 14 before releasing that version)

Simon, it started working two days ago. Jakob, so it sounds like it just a “hick-up” that must be worked through. I’ve had problems with the new OS11.6 on other programs like Gimp and Affinity. I guess it does, “not play well with others!”