Message threading not working

I don’t email much, so i never paid much attention, but my messages don’t thread anymore. I thought that identical recipients would be grouped. I just keep getting ‘new chat’ contact requests for previously accepted senders. Subject lines not change. Thread works in k9 mail and Gmail.

When I reply, that single message gets grouped. Replies to my messages does not. Incoming just comes individually each time.

Android pixel 3a, 1.8.1 via Google play store.

I found this old forum thread but didn’t understand the technical details of how group works.

Hello MM,

are these mails sent to multiple recipients or only you?

Emails are multiple recipients.

Okay, if mails have multiple recipients whether they DeltaChat shows them as a new conversation or not depends on whether the mail client marks the mail as a reply.

If not, DeltaChat thinks it’s a new “group” or “conversation” (terms that other messengers use) so it’s not mixed into older message “groups”/“conversations” (because if it did, multiple conversations would be impossible).

Is that clear enough? Conventional mail clients like Thunderbird have the same problem btw.

OK. That makes sense. I think that’s better that blindly grouping by members (I think that was original method)

In todays email, k9mail and Gmail shows my email as threads and headers do have “in reply to” and “references”.

Each email also comes in as “contact requests”. Even though I’ve accepted them many times and they’re not in the blocked list.

Hmm, I had that problem before, but now it’s gone. Are you on the current version, 1.8.1?

Yes, 1.8.1 from Google play.

I just did a reinstall and waiting for new email to see if that makes any difference. Maybe I had too much old cruft.

Could you disclose your e-mail provider domain?
For example, is known to cause issues as you describe (but current apps warn about it when you enter the e-mail address).

Private domain using Google Gmail as the provider. So I need to set up imap and smtp to Gmail manually.

Sigh, the reinstall may have made things worse, now several email isn’t even showing up as contact requests. I can’t see any patterns.

What does it mean to be “classic email”? Is there non-classic email? Is that how emails (eg thread/chat VS individually) are displayed or who or something else?

classical email means non deltachat email

Contact requests are shown for contacts who have not been confirmed, yet.

Another cause why you cannot see any contact request could be that it has been sent from a classic mail (non-Delta Chat) client, …

… and “No, chats only” is set. (It is the default setting.) When this is the case, change the setting to “All” and see if that helps.

If you are Cuban and the messages are sent from the SIJU application, that is likely to happen. groups created by SIJU cause the same behavior in the delta Chat application.

Well, I’m the only one that uses DC. That said, DC is supposed to work with non-DC.

The “for accepted contact” setting feels like a catch-22. I can’t accept contacts if the email are not displayed. Nor does Dc seem to use my contact list for acceptance.

I’m gonna give it another day or two, but I think the only solution is to manually install and try old apk. Old apk also had the swipe to archive which I liked.

“Show classic emails” must be set to “All”, and access to the local address book (contacts) must be granted to the app to achieve this.

That’s different than the DeltaChat FAQ, which states:

Delta Chat automatically shows:

  • Messages from contacts in your address book
  • Messages from contacts contacted by you
  • Replies to messages sent by you

Other messages do not appear automatically, and are to be found in the main menu at Contact requests . If desired a chat can be started from there.

Delta chat is not showing me any of those three bullets. I get only contact requests (which requires the “All” setting). Accepting those requests starts a new single message group/thread. Without the “All” setting, I get nothing (neither messages nor requests) despite address book and previous acceptance.

You might receive requests from other Delta Chat users when “No, chats only” is set. If they use classic mail, “All” must be set to receive their requests.

But I agree, documentation should be revised.