Missing locale language in iOS client?

Delta Chat iOS client doesn’t follow system language, and there is no option to manually change that. Locale languages are available in Android and Desktop client.

Is there any plan for supporting languages other than English in Delta Chat iOS client?

You can normally change iOS language in the system settings under Deltachat:

But following that guide I don’t see the setting on iOS 12, so there might be a bug (ping @cyberta @r10s).

Also which locale are you using, maybe there is a bug that it isn’t selected automatically?

there may be a misunderstanding, there is no language setting in the Delta Chat app.

however, you can select the language for Delta Chat in the system settings if, and only if, you have more than one preferred languages defined, again in the system, not in the Delta Chat app.

i just checked, that works as expected, at least under iOS 15, cannot tell for iOS 12.

Is there any plan for supporting languages other than English in Delta Chat iOS client?

Delta Chat iOS client already supports more than 40 languages, usually, if eg. you phone is configured for French, Delta Chat should appear in French as well.

@Simon @r10s My locale language is Chinese Simplified. And it’s rather shocking if iOS client doesn’t have Chinese Simplified when Android and Desktop client do, since they share similar, if not the same functionalities.

Also this is an issue I asked for my friend, he probably has Chinese as the only preferred language in system settings.
Why is iOS client not having language settings in the app when others do? Is it a platform policy or framework limitation?

Just checked, Chinese and Japanese worked by adding another language.

language selection in-app are quite unusual on ios, the system just choses the “correct” language to be used for the app. and when there is more than one defined, the user can define a language in the system settings. afaik, eg. android does not have such a setting, therefore, it is usually done in-app there. adding such a setting to ios, however, would probably only add more confusion as there are easily conflicts.

as this is the same for all apps, this is quite comfortable for ios users. however, obviously, may be irritating for non-ios users :slight_smile:

so, remaining question would be if really “Chinese Simplified” is not selected when the system is set to “Chinese Simplified”, that needs to be double checked, at best on another device. might be there is a bug in apples language selection, esp. if the selection works when selection is done manually.

I suspect that we might just use a different code for the language than the one apple uses.

Also to further clarify my test results:
The iOS device I tested on is iOS 12, is German and the preferred language order is German then English (USA). DC is German, and in the settings app, Deltachat has only its permission settings, but no option to change the language.