More convenient option to attach image from gallery as original

feature request on github:

One argument for always compressing images was that the send as file option is still available.
I recently needed it and couldn’t find it.
When sending files it does not allow me to select images from the gallery, I think that is different from android as it might be possible there to send images from the gallery via the file explorer.

The only work around I could think of it to go into the gallery export the image from there to files and then select it in delta chat with attach file. Though that is hardly convenient and you need to know that this possibility exists to use it as it is not really intuitive for normal users.


thanks for the pointer - indeed, this is not that simple. not sure, but i think, this was different in the past, where you could just select gallery images from the file explorer; maybe sth. has changed in the os.

we can consider adding sth. more comfortable for advanced users, until then, exporting from gallery is inconvenient, but not the end of the world (compared to other issues :slight_smile:

nb: until recently, whatsapp used the same approach wrt “send images as files to keep original”, that underlines the impression that sending as original is a bit of an advanced feature. signal has the same issue, telegram has other options

and asking some more experienced whatsapp and ios user: “it is be pretty known to advanced ios users that one has to export images as files before they can be send as original with whatsapp. so, going the same path here, is good enough for now.”

if someone wants to do sth. about this, i suggest an unobtrusive three-dot-menu top-right in the staging area with the option “Send as original file” - once tapped, the staging area converts to the view usually shown for files, so, showing bytesize etc. the option must not be available for already edited files.

this way, we would not clutter the ui for normal users.

same idea can apply to android/desktop.

The link to GitHub is broken.

thanks, fixed

sure that this wasn’t android?, I can not remember iOS ever having this.

Generally I would look at what telegram does ui wise for inspiration.
Or maybe let user change before sending as long as it is in the draft area (if core allows keeping the uncompressed image around until sending, if not we would need a core pr for that).
Maybe even show file size somewhere, though for those details we would need a good ui design.