Need some basic explanations about Delta.Chat

Hi, I’m new to Delta.Chat. I like it very much, but I am not a technical person, and I am having a horrible time trying to figure it out, why it behaves the way it does, etc. I tried looking for some documentation, but could find only the FAQ, which doesn’t address my confusion.

I realize that the expectation is that a person include only one question or issue per posting, but I suspect that the answers to my questions are kind of intertwined. So, I’m just gonna list them here.

I am running Delta.Chat on 3 android devices and on one Ubuntu desktop computer.

  1. In Delta.Chat, I see some configuration options, but I don’t understand what they are meant to do. Could someone please explain each of these to me?

    “Watch Inbox Folder” (Watching for what? Do I want someone to watch that? It worries me that there is an option for someone to be watching what I am doing with Delta.Chat.)
    “Watch Sent Folder”
    “Watch DeltaChat Folder”

  2. Another option is “Automatic moves to Delta.Chat”. What is being moved, and from where? Why would I want – or not want – that?

  3. There is an option called “Contact Requests”. What is that? When I select that, all I get is an empty Delta.Chat screen, even though I have set up some contacts. Who is supposed to be making what kind of requests involving which contacts?

  4. I am not able to figure out the distinctions among all the options under “Show Classic Emails”. How will each one make Delta.Chat behave?

  5. Which combination of settings should I select in order to accomplish all four of the following:

All emails that I initiate in Delta.Chat, and the related replies, should appear in both my normal email inbox AND in Delta.Chat
All other non-Delta.Chat emails that I send or receive should appear in my normal email inbox only.  
All the emails (and related replies) that I see in Delta.Chat should be the same across all four of the devices I am using.  
When I choose to delete an email on one of the devices, and I choose the deletion option to delete it both in Delta.Chat on that device AND on the server, the other devices should also reflect it as having been deleted.  
  1. Why is it that sometimes when I delete a message from both the device and the server, it will not be deleted on the server?

  2. Why is it that sometimes the message I sent from within Delta.Chat that appears in my normal inbox for my email account (subject of Chat:……) stays there, but sometimes it gets moved to the DeltaChat folder?

  3. When I send a message from within Delta.Chat on a device, sometimes it appears twice on that device within Delta.Chat. I can’t figure out why; Why is that?

  4. If I manually delete a message on the server in the DeltaChat folder, should it eventually also disappear from the devices? (They don’t seem to.)

I am sorry for so many questions, but as you can see, I am very confused about how Delta.Chat is supposed to work.

If there is documentation out there that addresses my questions, please tell me, I could not find it, I would have happily have read that first before posting these questions.

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I will give it a go :slight_smile:

  1. Deltachat will watch/observer this folders for new messeges.
    • Depending on the “Show Classic Emails” option, Deltachat will then process (download,read, move…) this kind of mail or not
  2. The Emails Deltachat read from the server can be moved to a seperate folder automatically if you wish.
    • You may want this so you inbox on a normal email client stays clean
  3. “Contact Requests” is not really an “option” more a “chat window”. You only see messeges from users there if you have the “Show Classic Emails” option set to “all”. In that case you see all Emails from users you don’t have as contact in this “chat window”.
  4. The “Show Classic Emails” options explained:
    • “Only Chat”: Only if someone writes you from an other app, deltachat will process (read/move) this messege
    • “Accepted Contacts”: Also react to mails from users you have as contact even the send it from an normal mailclient
    • “All”: React to all mails (also see 3. for this kind of mails)
  5. Try this:
    • deactivate “Automatic moves to Delta.Chat” so Emails stay in your inbox
    • leave “Show Classic Emails” at “only chats” so normal mails will stay on the normal email client
    • All mails on all clients should work out of the box with the settings from above. If you have multible devices you might want to disable “End-to-End Encryption” in the app settings, because it might not be supported by your normal email client.
    • DeltaChat is, as far as I know, is not reacting when you remove mails. So the app will not remove messeges in the history if you delete the mails with the normal email client.
  6. Don’t know, this might be a bug
  7. It should always be moved (if you set the option). But I think this can be different when sending messeges to yourself
  8. I think this is a bug
  9. No as mentioned at the last part of 5.

I’m not a dev on this project (yet) so I hope I got everything correct :wink:


With this and similar answers we could create a DC Manual. I believe we got something like this in spanish thanks to @adbenitez

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this reflect part of what most people is facing with this contact request view and why it has UX issues, and there is a real need to Make Contact Requests more visible - #44 by agutierrez
even OX Talk do it better already :frowning:

I agree, there’s a need to Make…, however, like others have said before me, that name “Contact request” is confusing, call it “Spam??” and problem solved :wink:

don’t think so, maybe inbox, but most likely it will not be spam but your friends, @Massick how many spam do you find there?

hey, that’s because I don’t use the same address for DC and subscriptions, so no spam for me. Anayway, want to call it “Inbox”? Work for me.

Thank you all very much!!! This has helped me, I now feel like I have at least a basic understanding.

I still have questions, but they are more specific, I will start different threads.

I don’t recommend disabling e2e, instead just using a better email client, like k9 with OpenKeychain and export the keys from Delta Chat and import them in OpenKeychain so you can decrypt the Delta Chat emails in your classic email client.

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Hi, @dln949 would it have been easier for you, with a different “central” settings like More useful **chat interaction** setting ?

Thank you for posting so detailed, maybe it is interesting for you to evaluate some more improvement ideas:
([Wiki] Use-cases, chat rules and configuration options)

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Well @testbird, I am very new to all this, so I cannot say I understand all the things discussed in your wiki, but I THINK what you are saying are the kinds of things I also was getting at.