No messages shown in "contact requests"

@r10s The problem is, you cannot accept a contact when “show emails for accepted contacts” is enabled, because then no contact requests come through at all. And there is just no notification about it. I would recommend to exclude contact requests from that rule.

The thing is, this “contact requests” view is always empty for the setting “for accepted contacts”.

Would there be any disadvantages if the “contact requests” view showed all normal mails? I think it does when for the setting “all”.

Definitely. This setting is meant for classic emails. Now, if I received a contact request from a non-Delta Chat user, and I had “No, chats only” enabled, I would be able to accept this request and send a message. But I will never get a reply back unless I change this setting to “accepted contacts” or “All”.

Wait, I don’t understand. Why would you receive a contact request from a non-Delta Chat user if you have “No, chats only” enabled? Do you mean what if you clicked on a mail that showed up in the “contact requests” view and send a reply?

But I wasn’t even talking about the “No, chats only” setting, but the “for accepted contacts” setting. Are there any disadvantages for that setting?

Of course I would not receive a contact request from anyone using a classic mailer with this setting, it was just my conclusion to your question.

Well, for now there certainly are some, as you know. It seems that any message received by Delta Chat undergoes the check for being a classic mail or not first. When classified as such and “All” (for classic mails) is selected, the message shows up as a contact request (unless the contact has already been accepted). But using “for accepted contacts” setting unfortunately ignores such mails sent from a classic mailer, so the next step to classify as a contact request is never performed.

If you choose “for accepted contacts” (for classic mails), you will not be able to receive classic mails from anyone else than a contact already known to Delta Chat. This can be a problem when someone tries to contact you with a classic mailer, but is not registered in your Delta Chat app, yet.

I have just opened a new thread, asking for a change in this regard:

All I’m saying is, there will never be any mails in the “contact requests” view if “for accepted contacts” is chosen. That’s my I’m suggesting showing the same mails as if “all” was chosen. And my question is whether there could be any downsides to that. But I don’t think so as otherwhise the “contact requests” view will always be empty and not serve any purpose at all.

Then my suggested option “For accepted contacts, but allowing new contact requests” would be the right choice for you. Let us see what the developers will think about it.

Maybe, but your suggestions is more complex. I can’t see any downsides to my suggestion. It’s not that I’m against yours. Mine is just easier and faster to implement.

I am afraid I cannot follow you well.

You mean that all messages shall be shown in one window?

Just click on “all” instead of “for accepted contacts” and then take a look at the “contact requests” view. That is what I want to see instead of an empty view. If it’s always empty, what’s the purpose of it? Or is it not empty in some cases?

This is what IMHO should be available with the setting “For accepted contacts, but allowing new contact requests”, too, otherwise it would not be possible to accept a contact. Let us not forget that we are talking about classic mails here, not Delta Chat messages.

I would think of something like this:

  • “No, chats only”: Messages sent from a classic mailer are ignored, only Delta Chat messages are allowed. (That would be the default setting.)
  • “For accepted contacts, ignoring new contact requests”: Messages sent from Delta Chat or a classic mailer are allowed, new contact requests are ignored.
  • “For accepted contacts, but allowing new contact requests”: Messages sent from Delta Chat or a classic mailer are allowed, including new contact requests.
  • “All”: All messages sent from Delta Chat or a classic mailer are allowed, no contact requests are necessary (for messages sent with a classic mailer). (Personally I would never use this setting, but for some people who switch to Delta Chat it might be useful to instantly have their messages at one glance.)

What do you think about it?

What do you mean by “otherwise it would not be possible to accept a contact”? You click on the “contact requests” view and then select the message/contact you want to convert to a chat. Just as it is now.

That would be the setting “All”, right? I have been talking about my proposal between “For accepted contacts” and “All”, see above.

What do you mean by “That would be the setting “all””?

I would like the “contact requests” view to not show nothing on the setting “For accepted contacts” to show the same as the setting “All”.

Actually that is what you can achieve right now with the setting “All”.

No, when DeltaChat is set to “All” the user gets requests for almost every mail.

What I’m suggesting is changing the “contact requests” view. That doesn’t have anything to do with the requests that show up at the top of the conversation list.

OK, so when “For accepted contacts” is enabled, you would like to have contact requests to be shown in the contact request view only? How should the user (you) be informed about a new contact request when it does not pop up in the conversation list?

Right :slight_smile:
I’m suggesting keeping the rest like it is now, so no contact requests. To start a new chat and get notifications/show mails in DeltaChat the mail address/contact needs to be inserted manually.

That option would not be suitable for me, because I would be forced to open the contact request view regularly to see if someone new tried to get in touch with me. A toast, e.g. “A new contact request has been received!” should pop up at least to inform the user. Otherwise nobody knows to check for contact requests manually, especially those who have not used a messenger before.

This can be done already, although it will not be used very much, because Delta Chat can access the contacts saved in the operating system (if the app has been granted access to).