Split function "For accepted contacts" (classic emails)

After following up the discussion here

I have gotten the idea to split up this function in two, to avoid missing contact requests from non-Delta Chat users:

  • “For accepted contacts, ignoring new contact requests”
  • “For accepted contacts, but allowing new contact requests”

I think the names are quite clear to understand the purpose of each function.

I think this is starting to get too messy with so many permutations /combinations.

Instead, split into functionality :
normal messages list,
No show

contact requests list.
No show

That is exactily what the option All(DC_SHOW_EMAILS_ALL) does.

show_emails = DC_SHOW_EMAILS_OFF (0)= show direct replies to chats only (default), DC_SHOW_EMAILS_ACCEPTED_CONTACTS (1)= also show all mails of confirmed contacts, DC_SHOW_EMAILS_ALL (2)= also show mails of unconfirmed contacts in the deaddrop.

Thanks for clarifying, @Simon , I thought “All” would not create contact requests, but it would start a new chat for each contact automatically.