No notifications on Manjaro/KDE desktop

Hi, as per the subject, I don’t seem to be getting notifications in my regular system tray area on a Manjaro/KDE (plasma) desktop. Anyone else experiencing the same or have a workaround/fix?

what version are you using?

Thanks Simon. v1.32.1 desktop app on Manjaro/KDE testing with Plasma 5.26.3. I don’t recall ever seeing notifications from DC, so I suspect it has never been working.

you could try the new testing version: 🧪 Help testing the upcoming 1.33.X release

Also make sure you haven’t disabled notifications for DC in your KDE settings, I guess?
Do other apps / electron apps send notifications successfully?
when you start DC via the terminal, are there any messages about libraries missing?
Also you know that you only get notifications if the DC window is not focused / in background, the chat is not muted and the account is selected.

It should generally work on KDE, speaking both from own experience and from what I heard.