Not receiving any chat messages

I have two phones (both Androids, Pixel 3a, running version 11). I have setup Delta Chat on both and associated them with two different yahoo accounts. I’m able to send a chat message from both sides and I can see it show up in my normal webmail reader on both sides. But Delta chat is not picking it up as a chat message on either phone. It’s acting like my phone is not polling the yahoo accounts for new chat messages at all. Both sides have given Contacts and Files/Media permissions.

Which folders are you watching? make sure inbox and the deltachat folders are being watched in the deltachat settings. Also look inside of the log for clues.

Hi, Simon. None of your questions make sense to me. The messages that I see via webmail show up in my Yahoo Inbox. Am I supposed to create a DeltaChat folder? I don’t see any place to set up folders to be watched in the DeltaChat app, nor do I see any place to view logs. The app interface is very simple AFAICT. Did I miss something? Is there some documentation which tells me about setting up folders to be watched (I didn’t see any)? Thanks!

OK. I finally got the messages. Perhaps a 45 minute or 1 hour delay? The messages are also not being removed from the inbox (or maybe that only happens after the long delay).
Perhaps there’s some problem dealing with yahoo emails.

Just if overseen: in setting, first setting needs to be set to “view all”, if wishing to get all mail on delta (at least as contact request).
Though, there are mails which would either not displayed and those are (at least in my persons case) mostly notification mails by websites (but not general). Note-mail from the forum here, for example, aren’t displayed. Maybe it’s a non-replay issue, emails with no space. But that’s possible beyond the topics interest.
Delay in regard of moving and display seems to be “normal”, sometimes short, sometimes long.
Maybe “request delivery” setting might also play into the matter if on one side wished, on other denied (just “musing”).

When they only don’t arrive in the background disable the battery optimization. Battery optimization is just a word they use which basically means the OS kills the app that it can’t run in the background and thus prevents DC from fetching the messages.

When you don’t get messages at all with the apps open and in the foreground (and device connected to the internet of course), then we either have some bug in deltachat or yahoo is doing something strange.
The log/protocol can be found inside of the settings under advanced if I remember correctly.

The log can probably give us more information, feel free to send it at after removing eventual sensitive/private content when you are unable to get clues from it.

Also one information missing is the deltachat version you are using. is it the newest? you can find it on the settings page too. (at the help button on the bottom)


I am having exactly the same Problems with the DC 1.14.5 using my yahoo mail address
I can send messages out with DC, and the addressee receives them, but I do not get messages from other people.

What can I do?

(I am running DC on Android 4.42, but don’t tell me my Android is too old ; -)

Try going to the “Device messages” chat and tapping on the message “Tap here to receive messages while Delta Chat is in the background”.

Also try enabling “Settings -> Notifications -> Reliable background connection”.

I have seen other reports of DC not receiving messages over IMAP with Yahoo. Messages arrive in the inbox and can be seen on yahoo website, but not in DC. Maybe there is some compatibility problem? A log of the moment when the message arrives could be helpful, but actually we probably need to setup a test account there and debug with a command line client.