Not receiving messages on Mac OS Sonoma 14.4.1 since March 16?

It seems, I don’t receive any messages on Mac OS. In particular, Mac OS does not receive anything on “Saved Messages” chat. Although other clients (iOS and linux) do receive the messages from Mac OS.

I also just noticed that Mac OS client has not been receiving the email notifications that I get from Steam. The last one that managed to get in was on March 16.

Is it just not able to read the email box?

I don’t see it complaining though. Next to the account/email address in top-left it does say “Connected” with a green circle. In Settings/Connectivity, it says: INBOX: Connected, DeltaChat: Connected, Last message sent successfully. And it retries the connections every time I switch to the DeltaChat window: it goes yellow and says “Connecting…” then back to green and “Connected”.

I looked at this post from 2021, but it seems the suggestions do not apply, some of the settings options are not there.

Which version of Delta Chat Desktop are you using?

It is:

Delta Chat Desktop 1.44.1 (git: v1.33.0-669-gc878fc787)
Delta Chat Core v1.136.3
SQLite 3.39.4
electron 28.2.3
node 18.18.2

If that’s of any importance, it also says:

configured inbox folder INBOX
configured mvbox folder DeltaChat

have you “bcc-self”/“Send Copy to self” enabled on all devices? what email provider are you using?

It is Gmail. Let me check the bcc-self…

If it is Gmail, could be the problem is because of

A log could be helpful to understand this.

Otherwise if nothing works you can try to resetup as second device using working setup from your other device.

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