Problem in using


Maybe noone noticed my last comment in Provider Overview and therefore I opened this seperate topic. Hopefully someone has experience about.


7d / seems not to work!
DC version v0.100.0 from github.

A colleague of mine installed v0.100.0, created a new free account at

Mails sent from v0.100.0 to me without encryption are displayed at my phone (v0.20.0 and Thunderbird with Enigmail).

After I did first reply next mails from v0.100.0 peer are shown as empty mail with two binary attachments (ATT00001, 12 Bytes; ATT00002.bin, 2021 bytes).
Both parts are encoded as “Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64”

No pgp part is seen in message source! No plain text part is seen in message source!
==> no idea about root cause for that behaviour. But message is full of MS specific headers and autocrypt header is not to be seen in headers!

Then switching with same installation to a gmx accout ==> all works fine as expected !!

Does anyone have an idea?

In any case whether needs special preparation or setting changes or ms changed behaviour of mail server.
But what is clear now is that description here about seems to be wrong meanwhile!


I noticed this today when my chat partner tried the IOS version (0.38) with Initially I thought it is because IOS is too much behind - regarding developments in Core. But might be something is really wrong with Outlook.


See reply of r10s in issues. really seems to strip some headers from mail which are important for autocrypt.
I think cannot be used by dc !