Problem with right to left languages

In Persian (and other RTL Languages) sometimes you need to type mixed sentences with both RTL and LTR languages(ٍEnglish for example) and that’s when you need right to left support or everything will get mixed up.
And for the record in RTL languages, every sentence starts from Right
Since even this Topic section does not support RTL i used images(I’m not allowed to use more than one image):

Expected behavior

Which version of Delta Chat do you use currently?

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Exactly when should the text be shown rtl? I mean, if there is a mixed sentence then how should it decide how to show the text?

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1.13.1 Desktop version(Linux) but i saw the same problem across other devices too (Android and Windows).

Thank you for the reply.
technically every time you start writing Persian(or other RTL languages like Arabic) you should write it right to left but the problem worsens when you write mixed language sentences.
i guess if you start the sentence with an RTL language the whole sentence should be RTL but I’m not sure if this rule is universal or not.
other applications(for example Libreoffice) use an RTL option that can be activated if needed.
Thunderbird has an extension (BiDi Mail UI) for that.


and i should say this problem only exists when you are typing the massage look at this example:

as you can see the massage becomes RTL after it is sent.

Is this only in the input field or also in other parts of the app?

thank you for the reply
as long as i know, only the input field has this problem.

Can you post the test string here?

Should we try auto detection or choose based on the user selected language?

auto detection is better(some people use English language for GUI but they may want to chat with some people using an RTL language )
this is the test string:
مقایسه NaOH و H2SO4 از نظر بار الکتریکی
it should be like this(typed from end to beginning):
از نظر بار الکتریکی H2SO4 و NaOH مقایسه

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