Problems with the groups

Problems with the groups:
1- I have two accounts with the same email address, if I leave a group with one, the other can send messages in that group. It does not receive any messages but can send them;
2- if I delete a group (without leaving it) the chat disappears. I can’t find it anymore but the messages are shown in other clients (or other DC accounts). This is a problem if it’s deleted by mistake. It returns visible after some days, I’m testing if this happens always and with the same time.
This is for groups, if I delete a mailing list or an “object” the chat returns with the first received message (with no avatar).

I’m testing these problems in the 1.24.4 (gplay), I wrote something about the n° 2 in this “proposal”: Block / unblock group

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regarding 1: have you turned on “Send copy to self”? This ensures that both devices get all the messages, including the info that you left a group: FAQ - Delta Chat

regarding 2: deleting a chat is not what you think it is. If you delete a chat, it’s not supposed to vanish from your other clients as well. Deleting is what you want to do if you still want to read mails from someone in thunderbird, but in deltachat it’s cluttering your inbox. My advice:

  • If you want to leave a group, leave it instead of just deleting it, so the others know that you don’t want to receive messages anymore.
  • if you won’t to unsubscribe an mailinglist, you need to tell the moderators or look for an “unsubscribe” link.
  • You can also “block” the mailinglist or any other contact, then you won’t receive messages from them in Delta Chat anymore. It’s not possible in groups, unfortunately.
  • if you don’t want to see messages in a group for some time, you can “mute notifications”.

Does this advice help you?

regarding 1: it works, thank you, I forgot that option;
regarding 2: my goal is block a group with one account and keep it in another, like you are writing here

I can’t block a mailinglist I’m receiving, how can I?
This is my request even for groups.

However I don’t think that the actual behavior is correct because if I delete a chat for mistake I can’t find it anymore.
It should come back at first message, I think.