[Progress on Feature] Export Chat to zip

This is a note about the progress on the current plan of implementing Exporting Chats to an universal format for use for archival or as proof of something.
This is just meant as a todo-list/issue and not as an open feature discussion, if you want to propose an better idea please do so in a new or existing Feature Proposal topic.
You may post small improvement ideas here as long as they don’t blow up the scope like “re-importing the exported chat”.

The current idea is just to have something little more than the barebone text, irc-like thing that whatsapp has, so more in the direction of telegrams html exporter.

Current PR

-> https://github.com/deltachat/deltachat-core-rust/pull/1601
Left todo:

  • error handling (get rid of most unwrap)
  • ffi interface
  • json scheme that describes chat.json
  • test if files are there in archive (python?)


  • Export Locations
    • KML
    • GeoJSON
  • HTML Viewer
  • More Advanced Testing
    • Check validity and document json files with json schema
  • Report a progress like backup export (mainly write to zip step)


  • api to only export a specific range (start date, end date)
  • option to delete exported messages

(Good master Simon, just some thoughts of someone not much in particular technics: To get not troubled by personal data issues, and since it’s possible thought to be a “death” end, archive, publication…and as seen that original email datas are desired to save: maybe good to cut away most of the background datas (thinking on yahoo lists, where one does not see email address, in certain setings) or at least make certain store dependend on agreements. As for the case this growing intentions becames a tool in larger use, certain laws should be considered, yet again the pointing on current lack of missing origin, when foward a message otherwhere, on the other side of this small path. So maybe 2 or 3 kinds of storage are good considered: privat, public, privat-public)