Proposal: logo update

DeltaChat could benefit from an update to its logo. Here is my rationale:

  • the current logo tries too much to copy what’s app.
  • an uppercase delta has a clear geometry, lending itself for a logo.

Here is what I think would be a worthy improvement to DeltaChats appearance (including small changes like text size, color and font):

Off-topic: I think using colors differently could also improve the overall appearance of the project.

Do you see this as an improvement?


Maybe you can make a thin border or speech bubble like on the original logo

interesting idea, definitely.
i think it’s the same as at ? however, i think this forum is the better place to discuss :slight_smile:

Way better, not fully sold on it. Am I missing some of the internal workings?
A person leaning in to say something?

(Edit: Delta (uppercase Δ, lowercase δ)

In my head the pointing downwards arrow should be wider than the downsloping line.
thin, thicker, thicker, thickest.
Also try it inline with the thinnest one.

Don’t like the gradient, don’t like the shadow. Without that, it is in line with the material design of Android guidelines, and soon to be fuchsia OS.
Try it with 3 colour dithering?

If it is enough of a chat-logo, the debate over “Delta Chat” “Deltachat”, and other variants can be laid to rest over just “Delta”? The speech-bubble is good as it is.

“Encrypted chat via your e-mail” seems a better slogan.
“Independent” and “Free” are examples of communication that works once you already know, and not if you don’t.

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Just saying … let’s have an edge over the competition, and use it!


As deltachat is based on email, maybe that could also provide some inspiration.


Seriously, not that I find it particulary useable other than for a good laugh for inspiration :slight_smile:
Just can’t draw, and less gradients, shades, or frames… :wink:a




I like the logo design of @mray
It’s modern and clear shaped.


thanks for posting the comparison! I kind of like the color difference, i.e. using gray and black. not sure about the capital delta, like the smaller case one still a bit better :wink:

  • 4 commenters not seeing improvement
  • 2 commenters seeing improvement
  • 5 likes (whatever that means)

Well, there is only so much a designer can do to contribute. Like on so many other projects there is no official design team to get in touch with. Now what am I going to do with this feedback?

This is a real pitty. A proposed code change would certainly be handled differently, but design issues seem to have to just happen ™ - or not.

Not receiving clear endorsement makes me regard this proposal to be failed.

Hoping the best for the project nevertheless!


@mray well, i think a sort of a design team would be warm welcome - maybe this can be a start?

however, i think start redesigning huge parts as the logo might be too much effort currently - the logo is used in several places, with several resolutions, optimized for android notification bar, apple style and so on. all this has to be changed which is quite an effort.
also the “little delta” just becomes a “little bit known” - maybe it’s just the wrong timing to go for a completely different logo.

but i would really like to see the “old” delta chat logo using an android-material-style-like-design instead of the gradient. same eg. for the icons used on the webpage and for other things.

maybe this incremental approach is a better way to start redesigning.

finally, again, thank you for your ideas. i do not think this is lost work even if the conrecte layout may not be used just now :slight_smile:

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Maybe, maybe not.

Your assumtion is that a design team won’t do the required work. Do you approach code issues the same way?

Maybe. But maybe it is the right time to make sure a better logo gets known instead. There is never a good time to change a logo. Generally it gets worse the longer you wait.

Now we are getting closer to the crux of it all. You want the exact opposite of what is being proposed. You like to keep the old logo. I agree that the entire look and feel could use a general update, too, and I may have ideas that may be very different in that aspect – but that isn’t what has been asked for, nor what has been proposed.

This just boils down to: “We are interested in your skills, but not your ideas.” To which I say “No thanks.”

I know nobody approached me to start working on it, I just took initiative and accepted the risk. You are under no obligation to act on it in an way. Id be happily surprised if you were right, though.

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well - i just don’t know as there is actually no design team :slight_smile:

to the logo as such, personally i am not stuck to the current one, but, as mentioned there are just some concerns.

I like much more the original logo :stuck_out_tongue:
Also if I see your logo, it isn’t clear to me what the app does at first glance


Doesn’t the name delta.CHAT tell you what it is about.

By the way, I like the design proposal by @mray.

@r10s What about implementing the FONT changes. I definitely think that is a leap forward.

Last comment: Design matters! … but it is less clear-cut as code decisions.

I was talking about the logo alone, sure if I put the name and a nice description, even a black spot would do the work

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To me the app logo is really nice, I think delta chat have a lot of functional problems to resolve that are much more important than a logo, and the current logo is just great!!

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You are just giving in to a self fulfilling prophecy.

My like was meant as ‘I see improvement’ :wink:

Anyway, IMHO if we do change the logo then the earlier the better as later users will be more used to the current one. And we have fewer users now so there are fewer users who have to get used to the new one.

Maybe a poll is a better solution? Like this: (if you do not mind about one aspect, just check neither option)

  • General impression: The original logo is generally better
  • The updated logo is generally better
  • Symbol: The lowercase delta is fine
  • The uppercase delta is better
  • The ‘@’ (testbird’s idea) is better
  • Style: The original logo’s “style” is fine
  • The style of the new logo is better (more “modern”)
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