Public access to view chat by read-only email

Valued team, developers, members,

my person just thought whether it would be possible to have a “read-only” email account, which, in most simpliest way, could be access by others knowing pass word. (Such a “store”, btw. would be also good for later members to know the talk before they had been added).

Combined with bot, my person thinks it would be possible to share on html pages or via a forum-data base, letting email post or create pages periodical.

Sure, all kinds of integration into app by having a “publishing” menu, are at least for a naive mind like mine perceive-able.

(if running own email-server, even an account for each chat, if option is enabled).

First question, how ever, is it possible to have “only read”-email account for the simpliest solution?

I think what you are describing is called “mailing lists” they have web archives where people can publicly read old conversations etc.

Similar maybe, good Adbenitez,

just that, at first place, one would have chosen email/server as it’s store, which furthermore could be used to avoid multiple same-data store, if wished.
My person could, how ever, imagine that encryption might be a further challenge here.

As told, not sure whether such as a read-only email account has it’s standards in email systems.

or maybe what you want is a channel? some especial chat where people can receive but can’t send? (that also can be archived with mailing list)

see also Can we have channels feature like telegram?

That’s also something which could be managed if there could be make use of an read-only email accound, good adbenitez.

May all be seen just as inspiration if wishing to make Delta-chat a “real” messenger, open and accessible also from other spheres.

FYI, a “read only” account (not sending messages) cannot send read receipts, too. The sender will not be informed who read the messages…

Yes. Naivly idea would be, if wishing to make a chat “public” to add this contact, and who ever has the address and Password could view it, either with email or delta chat. And the chat conversation would be stored, nobody required to long term maintain a copy. But again, not sure if such as no-send, only receive email is technical possible, also in regard of maybe required “hello” to delta-chat or in regard of cryptic things, good Gerry Francis.

I think the solution would be quite simple: Protect your IMAP account from receiving other messages than the ones you send from your account. And - if you can configure the respective SMTP mail server - prevent users from sending messages over SMTP. (In any case, you will not receive any read receipt.)

If such is possible also for single accounts, valued master who looks over the email server (admin), if inspired, might be able to give it a practical try and maybe some feed-forward on such solution will then be shared here. Sadhu, good Gerry Fancis.

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Yes, it would be interesting to know of your experiences, feel free to post here anytime you like!

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btw, you can also use a bot to bridge Delta Chat with Mastodon, then you and your friends can post in mastodon, comment, give “like”, re-share, etc. a social network, all from Delta Chat and receiving the posts of other members of the community. The posts can be publicly accessible to all, and you can switch to a web page or a Mastodon app, etc.

(NOTE: I am proposing solutions to your goal, I know, it would be nice to have a read only account, but instead of focusing in that, I recommend you to focus on get your problem solved, not in the exact way you want it to be solved, but to have something :wink: )

Sadhu for are, good Adbenitez. My person can totall imaging the use of Bots, yet lacking not only technical tools to even run such but also skills in required language and other knowledge and it wouldn’t be proper to give much in such skills aside of hardly being reely given. Same also with additional apps, not to speak of maintaining them as well, and keep them shareable in same way.

So the approach was lso to look if already avaliable would work.