Can we have channels feature like telegram?

Expected behavior

A channel feature where I invite people to subscribe to broadcast my messages to them. Just like telegram channel. I don’t want subscribers to be able to reply. Also, an ifttt app for automation would be great, so we can automate blogs from an RSS feed into the channel.

Novice enthusiast :slight_smile:

some related Feature requests:

For automation you can create a deltachat bot (information about writing bots can be found under
If you want you can create an IFTTT-deltachat bot that you can send deltachat messages from IFTTT.

I was expecting automation to be novice-friendly just like telegram channels have; choose the service in ifttt and connect rss feed. That’s it! :slight_smile:

AFAIK there is no deltachat service in IFTTT, someone would need to create it first.
You can use webhook service to connect IFTTT to your custom deltachat-python bot.
Those two links give the required information to do it (besides python knowledge, which is also easy to obtain on youtube for example):

If you need help feel free to ask for help in the bots category.

I’m still waiting for high speed internet to be restored. It was scrapped last August by occupying govt of India. So r&d and all World be a bit difficult besides I’m not a coder. We usually get cut off from all social media and im apps like WhatsApp, telegram etc. I really look forward to deltachat to be our savior here.
I will have to wait and use this 2g connection only to interact with rest of the world before I could do some r&d on this. Anyways thanks a lot for taking your time to answer my silly queries. Appreciate it :+1:

In this situation you should be able to get some information/tips from our cuban users about using delta-chat in low speed internet environments. But that’s something for a new forum topic in the “mutual help” category. The cuban community even made a bot with which you can do various stuff including surfing the internet over deltachat (SimpleBot public instances list)

Great help … Thanks a lot. BTW keyword ‘decentralized’ from comic tv series #SiliconValley lead me to DC :slight_smile:
Wishing best of luck and prosperity from Indian occupied #Kashmir :heart::v: