Reduce space on internal storage, disk full


And fill all device’s space at some point, right?

I still can’t get it, why not to use K9 model of keeping messages that proved by time.
It really simple, - keep on device the only number of last messages user wants, for example 100/250/500/all and keep rest of messages on the IMAP server that can be pulled on demand if needed.
Messages that deleted on device should be deleted also from a server. Simple.
This way, those who has limited space on IMAP server can manage what to keep and what can be deleted. In the same time those who has “normal” or huge amount of space on the IMAP server, they can keep messages without killing mobile device by filling all its space (which is very easy to achieve with attachments) and be able in the same time get old messages if needed.

DC isn’t snapchat to exchange with kitten once and forget about it, but a communication program that utilized email protocol that assumed to keep message forever if it needed.
I already has two correspondents(a lawyers who exchanged a lot with attached documents) who stopped using DC because of this issue and early or later every1 will step on that if it wouldn’t be resolved.


AlexJ I was talking about to keep them forever in the server by default, but let people with small server storage opt-out, maybe you have almost infinite storage, but some people have only 100MB :stuck_out_tongue:

actually I think that would be a nice (optional) feature for Delta Chat


According to the title of this topic, - the issue is that DC keeps locally, on the phone ALL messages including blobs and fill out device’s space.
I’m talking about majority of users who has more than 100Mb on IMAP server and proposed solution how it can be resolved, - the same way as it done in K9.

All phones I know allows for example to set preference - how many text messages to keep, the same option need to be implemented in DC to avoid putting smartphone to the knee.

Actually it should be more flexible to satisfy people like you who has limited space on the server and those who can at least use gmail or their “friends”.

I see it as an options:

  1. Keep locally on device only last: 100/250/500/All cached messages and allow to pull older messages from IMAP server on demand
  2. Automatically delete messages that older than: month/year/none(keep all)
  3. If option #1 is set to “all”, then unhide option: Delete old messages if space occupied by DC exceed 0.1/1/2/5/10/9000Gb

I think it will satisfy all DC users, those who has plenty of space on IMAP server and those who has limited amount of space and what is most important phones won’t be overfilled by DC in all cases.