Set local profile pictures


is there a way to set locale profile pictures for contacts?

Thank you

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as far as i know there is no such an option. however, although android picks the images from the local address book, the general idea is more to let the sender specify the profile image that is then send to contacted recipients. gives some more details on that.


I don’t like this “showmanship” feature like in WhatsApp :wink:

I prefer to set own profile pictures for my contacts.
So there should be a option to show local pictures (eg.from locale address book) or the picture set abd sendet by the contact.

Threema use it this way.

Please don’t coerce me to see stupid, cool or boring profile pictures set by my contacts :joy:

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Is there an universal contact app on all three desktop platforms or would we need to roll out our own for this feature request?


The picture could set for every contact manually and stored in the DB beside the mailadress.

And please no sarcasm for feature requests :wink:


I really thought there might be a universal contacts application / api.


I hope this will be configurable, a lot of people actually expect that if they set a contact picture everybody will see it, like in social networks, it is up to the contact to decide how they want to look IMHO.

Also even if I had that contact in my address book I expect to see the picture they set in dc, not the one in my address book


I absolutely agree.

I know many people like it to share a own profile picture.
And of course it should implemented.

But for people like me still there should be a option to use local profile pictures instead shared pictures.

It’s no problem for me if shared pictures are the default setting if I can change it.

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