Several voice messages enhancements

Optional speed for voice messages.

it would be cool to see a slidebar of some kind or interactive buttons with playback speed labeled on them so i could listen to voice messages faster.

A panel.

A fixed panel with simple player options such as stop, previous-next voice message and rewind.

this feature would help me and my friend scroll through the chat without the need to keep track of which voice is being played at the moment.

Continuous playback

highly demanded feature for me and my friend. We’re both tired of keeping track of what voice message is playing at the moment because the client has no visual indicator of what message was playing. We can’t scroll through the chat because of the fear of loosing the message.

the absence of these features creates an unpleasant experience of imprisonment in the chat.

all of the features mentioned above are already implemented in Telegram but it would be great for everyone to have comfortable, true p2p e2e conversations here in Delta Chat.

For continuous playback there is a related thread: