show end-to-end encryption state of chat


when you want to be sure end-to-end crypto is used, you have to manually check if you reply to a message with a lock symbol. else your message will get sent unencrypted.

there should be a notification, when end-to-end crypto is downgraded to disabled.

also a force encryption option may be useful: #246.
similar to #212.

(This proposal has been moved from the issue tracker)

[Discussion] Make DC a replacement for MUAs?

I also think there should be a more visible way to at least warn the user the message will be sent unencrypted (ex. when peer unexpectedly disabled encryption), users may expose sensitive information unintentionally!!!

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this is a great idea!!! and i agree on force encryption.


What about this:
one red point if the next message will be sent unencrypted
two orange points if it is end-to-end encrypted
three yellow points if it is end-to-end encrypted and the chat partner scanned my (static) qr code
four green points if I scanned my chat partnerโ€™s qr code (or later if they scanned my dynamic qr code, this is not implemented currently; @testbirdโ€™s proposal :wink:)

Show it somewhere atop of the screen

Or would you prefer a simple green lock/red crossed-out lock?

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Any indicator outside of the text entry field, and especially on the send button, has the drawback that it may only come to the users attention after writing the text, if at all.

Nevertheless, (such) a clear, explicit indicator is still necessary.

However, a subject indication in the editor- like explained here may also serve to draw attention to the fact that the plain email sending mode is going to be used.


For consitency, when composing a to-get-encrypted email-chat message, the editor may show the current
๐Ÿ”’- encryption icon with the background and the dash โ€œ-โ€, which would also hint to the (automatic) subject line that gets used. An alternatively icon may be a
๐Ÿ”‘- key icon.

This subject line feature might then be even the only encryption state indicator that is necessary.