show end-to-end encryption state of chat


when you want to be sure end-to-end crypto is used, you have to manually check if you reply to a message with a lock symbol. else your message will get sent unencrypted.

there should be a notification, when end-to-end crypto is downgraded to disabled.

also a force encryption option may be useful: #246.
similar to #212.

(This proposal has been moved from the issue tracker)


I also think there should be a more visible way to at least warn the user the message will be sent unencrypted (ex. when peer unexpectedly disabled encryption), users may expose sensitive information unintentionally!!!


this is a great idea!!! and i agree on force encryption.


What about this:
one red point if the next message will be sent unencrypted
two orange points if it is end-to-end encrypted
three yellow points if it is end-to-end encrypted and the chat partner scanned my (static) qr code
four green points if I scanned my chat partner’s qr code (or later if they scanned my dynamic qr code, this is not implemented currently; @testbird’s proposal :wink:)

Show it somewhere atop of the screen

Or would you prefer a simple green lock/red crossed-out lock?