"SMTPUTF8 is required, but was not offered by host"

Good team, developer, user,

Generously being provided a beta of andriod 1.41.5, my person faced an error saying “SMTPUTF8 is required, but was not offered by host”, maybe in connection with bi-scriptural message texts, since only arising in a particularly broad cast chat.

Thought to feed forward here might be of use for some.

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Is it displayed as an exclamation mark with a red background? Is the message received by some users or was not delivered to anyone at all?

I filed an issue here:

Yes, good link2xt

Seems like not received by anybody (not gotten one on othere account myself).

Strangely always 9 receiver, yet different, reported in this report.

Testing a little: forwarding same messanges to single user chats causes no error. Seemingly only broad cast has the issue. And strangely only since yesterday, having send one before without issue with this version on tuesday as well.

My person remembered that also once there was a utf8 issue, and thought to re-share the findings yours had (yet might be just far related): "pending message" issue - #3 by link2xt

My person meanwhile abstains from use broadcast, trusts that focus gets rebooted. Not so that out of reason not updated, and just that make it more understandable, the different world of common user and geeks.

I have filed an issue:

And made a fix:

Sadhu Sadhu

(simply installing the latest nightly version possible? Or potential other dangers by such)

The fix is not merged yet so not yet available in the nightly version.
Will likely be available in a day or two.

Nightly versions have a different signature unlike official beta releases and cannot be just installed over beta, so you need to backup your account, install nightly, then import a backup there. Probably easier to wait for 1.41.7 beta (there is a 1.41.6 already, without the broadcast list fix).

Ssadhu for endless care and Zuvorkommenheit, Nyom.