Sort/name settings in different clients

I’m documenting Delta Chat for our users (they are not ready to use regular documentation …
I’m stumbling over the fact that the settings are very differently organized on at least the Android app and the (Linux) desktop client.
Is there a reason for this? I would strongly prefer to have the settings organized and named in the same way on all platforms.


the wording should be mostly the same as all system use the same translation files, however i totally agree, the sorting can be improved a lot, esp. for important settings as “Send copy to self” (EDIT: related: Rename "Send copy to self" setting)

I think it is about consistency not about changing sort order, I also had troubles with some friend in desktop, while trying to point to some setting that in android was in advanced settings

I would be fine with copying the ui/ux of android for the desktop. So having the categories as the first screen, then selecting Chat/Media, Advanced…