Sync among devices

syncing isn’t an easy technical task, indeed.

and for sure it shouldn’t even be compulsory

but it looks to me like there are way too many holes on syncing the experience among devices that comes from how the data is being sorted.

it’s just a general impression.

let’s say there are 3 types of data:

  • email
  • settings
  • meta (pinned chats, for instance)

basically everything in the email eventually gets synced just fine (there are still some bugs such as this for instance, and there are also the dreaded default settings issue still, such as “send copy to self” but it mostly works). hail the IMAP!

however everything else (settings and meta) doesn’t!

  • what if all the data would go through the email?

make a special folder that gets data as files over emails whenever a data point changes, or in packages in the end of every session…

then clean up that folder regularly after all known clients that should be in sync get the needed data.

makes any sense?

now that i wrote everything, i have the feeling this might have been thought through already… :rofl:

There are no plans to introduce synchronization soon as far as I know. Related development is new device setup across the network, see First step towards it was the new backup format based on .tar, which was recently merged into nightly version of Delta Chat.

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no rush. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: