Texting between 2 Android Phones- 1 Direction Only

Delta Chat installed on mine and wife’s phones. She get mine but I do not get hers. I get emails of her texts but they never get to my App.
My phone is Version 1.34.8 hers is 1.34.5. Both are from the FDroid Repo.
She has not yet gotten an update notification, I did and updated recently.
This has been happening since the apps were installed. Both installed same day so probably had same versions then.
Any help would be appreciated. I’d really like to fully switch to Delta if I can get it working reliably.

What providers are you using for your email accounts?
Do the messages don’t appear in the app at all or is it just about missing notifications?
What phone models are involved and what brand?

Email is MXRoute- both phones
My messages to her appear and work fine. Her messages and replies to me show up in my email but do not show up or notify my phone app at all.
Phones are Moto G7 Power. Android Version is 10

There is a recent bug which sometimes results in new accounts getting stuck after initial setup. This should be fixed on the latest nightlies, e.g. Index of /android/nightly/2023-01-07/

Could you try to setup the nightly version (any .apk, they are the same actually and there are no google play services in any of them even though one is named -gplay) and see if it works? If it works, you can even export the backup from it and import into F-Droid version, the bug only affects the initial setup.

A few questions:
Are you saying I should install the nightly build APK on my phone or her phone or both?
Then you say I can “export the backup from it and import into F-Droid version” Are you saying that after installing the APK/s I will have two versions of Delta Chat installed and running on the phone?
Want to make sure I understand.

Only you phone, the phone which does not receive messages.

Yes, nightly can be installed side-by-side with F-Droid version and has a different icon.

Likely the same issue:

I got things working.
I originally had installed DC on my Linux box and then on my Android phone. When I installed it on my phone I had not yet read about doing an export and import and had just set up the phone from scratch. So, just for the heck of it, this morning i did and export from my Linux install and an import on my phone. Voila - worked.