Umlaut support in domain name?

Delta Chat version
Version 1.14.1 (git: v1.14.1)

Expected behavior
Emails with an umlaut should work. Like this: mail@domä

Actual behavior

Error message:

Error: Configuration failed. Error: Cannot login as "mail@domä". Please check if the email address and the password are correct. no response: code: None, info: Some("[AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] mail@dom Authentication failed")


mail is hosted at – I have to add and as servers manually.

I noticed two things:

  1. the error message cuts off the mail right at the position where the umlaut would be (the second mention of the mail address)
  2. when providing the full email as a login name separately for the smtp/imap login there were less errors

Just noticed that the android version does not even recognize the email as VALID not letting me set up the account from the get go :frowning:

after some trial and error I found out that a certain way to replace the umlaut domain makes everything work. In my case it was something like “dominƍ.de” – you’s have to look this up with your domain proivder I guess… :slight_smile:

… would be great if DeltaChat would support the proper domain names though…

puny-code stuff? might be a core thing.

proper domain names

special chars are not allowed in domains, there is this special encoding that lets browser use them non the less:

If it’s your domain, you can run HTTPS server there and add autoconfig XML:

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