View multiple chats at once

Expected behavior

Double-clicking on a chat in the list opens it in an additional window that only contains the chat itself.
In this way it would be possible to display several conversations at the same time.

Actual behavior

It is not possible to see more than one chat at a time.


Sometimes you chat with several people independently at the same time.
I think that it would be useful to be able to see all chats at once.
Unlike old messengers, most modern ones lack such a feature.
The only exception I’m aware of is iMessage.

Example Images

A chat window might look like this:


indeed for desktop it makes sense to be able to open a chat in a new window so you could see more than one chat, for example, right-clicking the chat in the chat list to open the menu and an option “open in a new window” could exist

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Or maybe tabs (detachable) would be better?

That’s definitely a possibility too.
But I think for that you would have to completely change the UI.

there is no point in Tabs, because indeed that is how it currently works, the chat-list is nothing more than a vertical tab panel and when you select a chat you focus that tab

(that is in practical terms, not saying that the actual implementation is a tab panel)

so what is missing is the “detachable” part

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Thanks for the explanation, @adbenitez !

Maybe the Feature Proposal could be something like, “Make chat-tabs detachable”?

Just in the hope the concept would be easier to handle/implement…

gmail has a multiple inbox feature. maybe this gmail feature is applicable to this use case. when you want to write in multiple chat types at the same time


instead of tabs, a vertical list of inboxes appears.