Welcome to the Delta Chat forum

Welcome to the Delta Chat forum! Good to see you around!

This forum is your place to ask questions and learn more about Delta Chat, your favorite E-Mail messenger.

  • you can ask for help and also help other users
  • join discussions about new features and even start a discussion for a new feature you’d like to see
  • pick up a feature and help building it up
  • stay up to date and get announcements about Delta Chat

Be excellent to each other!


hi! this is a f****g clear sentence, isn’t it?


hi there :slight_smile: nice new forum :slight_smile:



nice to be able to use markdown.
heise.de is a link …


Thanks for working on one of the most important open source projects out there. Keep up the good work.
Wish to contribute in any way.


Like it says on the tin, journo here.

Just about hit the floor when I read the DeltaChat app concept. Having worked in remote island communities with patchy, slow net for decades, the idea of an email-based open-source chat service is bloody thrilling.

Look forward to kicking tyres and asking awkward questions, but for now, no rush, just really impressed at the resurrection of the oldest and still most rock solid online technology from 30 years ago and making it brand new again.

Having tried all sorts of flash new web3+ stuff, I always try to look for simple, easy, free and ethical apps that can help remote e.g. island peoples save rare dollars on absurdly expensive data charges, especially here in Oceania.

If there’s anything I can do to help as a writer with a few media contacts, lemme know. I’ll report bugs and any missing links etc of course.

Best, best wishes for team DC !

. . .


are you still around, @jasonbrown.journo ?

when you are going to add to Delta Chat the options that one can see when they are

“writing or typing”
“sending audio”
“sending files”

Hi Nadroy, it is not feasible for the system used (e-mail), because it would require having a server to redistribute the information and the concept of distributed service would disappear.

yo what