Where do I find the backup file in iOS?

I want to syncronize two devices (iPhone & iPad). So I backuped the first device and now I want to transfer the backup file to the other device.

But where can I find the backup file which I have to transfer?

in the files app on your device, using an computer with iTunes might help if the devices are too old that they don’t have the files app yet.
See also:

It worked. Very good and many thanks for helping me. :wink: :+1:t3:

As I saw, now I get incoming messages on both devices (iPhone & iPad). But the replies I send are only seen on the sending device. Right?

Is there a way to change it, so that I can read my replies also on both devices?

enable “send copy to self”/“bcc self” on both devices.

Then I get the message: “This message cannot be decrypted…” (on the device, from which I did NOT send the message)

No, sorry. Just one time, minutes later it works fine in all existing chats. Everything perfect now.

Again, thanks a lot for the fast and competent help. I am so glad to have found this great messenger.

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