Workaround for "gmail oauth2" ("simplified setup") problems

while delta chat supports oauth2 for a while, google decides some time ago that an “additional client verification” is needed. we applied to this client verification, however, unfortunately, the first attempt failed for unknown reasons and “simplified setup” stops working.

we’re currently trying hard to get in contact with google about this issue.

meanwhile, as a workaround, if you want to use gmail with delta chat, you can do this as follows:


  • on a new delta installation, when being asked about “simplified setup” after entering the email address, answer “cancel”. then enter your gmail password.

  • on existing delta installation, go to “profile / account settings” and change “advanced / auth method” to “automatic”. then enter your gmail password.

this does not affect oauth2 in general, only google. eg. yandex oauth2 is working as always.


Two weeks ago I tried to setup a goolemail account with oauth2 because I read about problems.

And it works fine for me since two weeks.
I don’t know why.

I just remember.
For k9 I have enabled “less secure apps” already.

For Google and DC I have still used oauth2.
And it works.

Maybe it’s related to each other?!