Encrypted messages not readable...received as named attachments "ATT00001.bin"

Big bug and makes me wanna just drop the damn thing for Signal.
Receiving messages from a DeltaChat android user (installed via play store), to my linux Deltachat (flatpak) and all received messages are just attached files named “ATT00001.bin” with garbage in them. Looks like my client can’t decrypt them for some reason. We’ve both exchanged keys via contacts.

What’s going on?

Which dc versions and which Providers are you using?
Some provides like outlook mess with the headers…

Hi @danny, welcome to our community, this looks a lot like:


which as @Simon suggested is a know issue with outlook

As @adbenitez describes:

Please check the provider!
outlook.com or similar doesn’t work properly!

I think any Microsoft provider cuts autocrypt header, so DC only works with them only without encryption.

Check the full email header content. If the DC headers are missing the provider is the problem!

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when “rekey” happens however can the receiver of unreadble background request resend after key sync?

Excuse but I don’t understand this question. Maybe meanwhile it’s solved or if not please post it more clear if possible.