Encryption using Linux desktop app


I am using the desktop application of Delta.Chat on Ubuntu. I want to sync the encryption from my android devices to include the desktop application. I send the encryption email from the Delta.Chat app on the android device, and open the resulting email on my desktop computer. But, all the attachment shows me is a key.

What do I need to do on my Ubuntu desktop in order to be able to enter the numeric codes?



You need to click on the autocrypt setup message in deltachat desktop that you send to yourself before(from your mobile android device).

After you clicked on it you need to type in the numbers your mobile is showing to authorize the keytransfer. (we want to simplify that process even more in the future with qr codes, but for the time being this it how it works)


Well… But there’s the problem I was asking about, right at that part where you wrote, “After you clicked on it…”

When I get the email, it has the attachment, it is an html attachment. When I click on it, it wants to open up in a web browser. So, I let it do that, and the attached image shows you what I see - no place to enter any codes.

What is wrong?


Does the message appear in delta.chat? You have to click on it in deltachat desktop.
The alternative would be importing the backup from Android and importing it in the desktop application, but unfortunately that way is currently broken: https://github.com/deltachat/deltachat-desktop/issues/763

PS: sorry for the late answer, I wasn’t realizing that the email reply isn’t available (yet) on this discourse forum. (Meta: Please enable Email response to forum topic)


No, after over 30 minutes, the message still does not appear in the DC desktop app.


Make sure you are logged in to the same email account on both deltachat apps and don’t mark it as read in your normal email client before deltachat picks it up.
Which settings do you have regarding watched folders in both apps?


do other messages appear in deltachat desktop?


Both apps are watching all three folders. Neither app is moving the messages to the delta chat folder.

Yes, other messages are appearing in the desktop app.

I retried it again this evening. This time the Autocrypt Setup Message appears in the desktop client. It actually appeared as a two part message in the desktop client. However, clicking on either one of them did nothing. The second part of the message has a download button I can click on, but that only offers to download an html file to my desktop computer. Clicking on either part of the message does NOT open up a window that allows me to enter a code.

(P.S.: It took almost 24 hours for the encryption message I sent last night to finally appear in the desktop app - the one I told you about in yesterday’s posting about how I was waiting for over 30 minutes for the message to appear in the desktop app.)

I have attached a screenshot of what the message in the desktop app looks like, it does NOT instruct me to click on the message as you suggested:



Ok, I already asked you in the other thread, but for the record, I’ll ask you here again:
Which versions do you have? Also your provider name could be useful.


Desktop: 0.102.0=PREVIEW
Android: 0.304.0
outlook.com (msn.com)

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