Multi accounts/profiles support


Use case:
Users often have more than one email account: from work, for personal use, etc. They need to be able to setup two or more account/profiles in their Delta Chat app.

Expected behavior

Two or more email accounts can be used simultaneusly with Delta Chat so users can chat with different accounts at the same time.

Actual behavior

Users are unable to use more than one email account in they Delta Chat app, so they are unhappy :frowning: and need to use another MUA to check in an uncomfortable way they messages.



testbird: thanks, that is just what I am talking about. But it is a closed issue, to me this is a really useful feature, and several friends with I have shared the app, are complaining about they need this feature.


adbenitez: indeed, this is a MUST in order to survive out there


this will help me a lot. i’m in this situation and it will great to see it solved


Has anyone mentioned that using multiple accounts is possible with Shelter yet?