Per chat encrypted messages (or separate secret chats)


Is it possible to make message encryption not global like right now, but per chat.
Like it is in telegram. You have open chats and secret chats.
This will be very convenient. I always need an open chat with my friend which I can search in web browser or any other email client. And i need secret chat with my family. And open chat for note taking. It is unrealistic to global switch on and off encryption for each message


If you receive a not encrypted message, encryption will automatically deactivated for this chat, untill you receive a encrypted message.


hello cyberlis, welcome to the forum,
I like your idea, since I have some people I don’t want to use encryption and have other groups/people I do like encryption on, and it is difficult to me to be setting on/off encryption quite often, and sometimes I send unencrypted messages by mistake