Setting ‘No, chats only’ for ‘Show Classic E-Mails’ showing classic emails

I’ve just logged into a Gmail account I own and have changed the setting to show only chats (like I do for other Gmail accounts already installed which show correctly) and I have a list of emails most of which have a Request label, some of which have a green tick and some have no label or tick.

I don’t understand why this is looking different from other Gmail accounts I have in DC. The green tick is on emails that include a previous email conversation but also ones where there wasn’t.

Any ideas what is happening?

Maybe the emails were downloaded before you changed the setting? This setting only affects future emails received and does not hide any messages already shown.

We lately changed the default to be “Show Classic E-Mails”. This means that as soon as you login, some classic emails will be downloaded. You can archive the chats you don’t want to see, if you have changed the setting now then no new emails will pop up.

Ok, thanks for letting me know.

However I would prefer the original default as it seems more what I’d expect for delta chat.

I wonder if there could be an option to change the default setting for those of us who prefer the original default?

I don’t know how that could be possible - “default setting” means “the option that’s used if the user doesn’t change it”. If you want another option, you need to change the setting at “Chats and Media → Show Classic E-Mails” and archive/delete some chat that already popped up.