The blocked user

Expected behavior

When I block a user on Delta Chat, I wish they didn’t have the option to remove me from the groups we share.

Actual behavior

The user who is blocked, has the possibility to see in the profile of the groups that we share my username with the email and can delete me from the groups.

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I could imagine myself to have a group admin who applies group attributes, such as if a member can block other members and/or is allowed to view details of member profiles or not.

That’s not easy to implement. (You would need to share with everyone the list of contacts you blocked).
Also you are tying to solve a social problem with technology here.

The closest thing to this is having a non democratic group-type where only admins can add/remove members.
See New feature: Group Types

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Blocking is completely local. If you block user, you simply don’t download their emails.

There is a bug now that if you block a user, you will miss the message where they remove you and have inconsistent group state. It is interesting to see how other messengers implement this. What happens when you block a user and they send messages in the shared group, delete other users etc.?


What I have found is that if user A blocks B, he will not see B’s messages but B can delete from group A. I have not tested if after A’s cancellation if A sends a message to the group what happens.
I can test it together with @adb

There is an issue now: