Version without electron or webcrap?

Is there a version of deltachat without webshit? I am seeking out apps like this to avoid having my resources hogged by that BS

  1. you could run the android app in anbox or an android emulator
  2. use the pidgin plugin (many features are not implemented there yet)
  3. You could write your own front-end based on or join an existing front-end project: - kde qt client - TUI client based on ncTelegram

Also that question was asked before for Linux at-least:

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I’m also curious about this as well. The KDE/Kirigami link above is worth following up but it requires building from source. My main concern is not dealing with the Electron overhead so would it be possible to create a web-only version without the Electron wrapper? Would that be hard to do?

Then it could be a similar situation to Matrixs element-desktop and element-web packages as yet another alternative way to interact with DeltaChat. It would then be almost a webmail client like Roundcube, but better :slight_smile:

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There are plans to separate Delta Chat Desktop from Electron, mainly for easier debugging and testing, but I can’t find any relevant issue open in

cc @Simon @Jikstra