DeltaChat running on mobian (PineTab, PinePhone)

Is there any way to run DeltaChat on mobian on the PinePhone or PineTab (arm64)?

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There is no client ready for use, but you can help testing and developing Kirigami-based client:

I had a look at your prototype, but as I am not a programmer, I don’t understand very much of it …

I thought more to get for example the AppImage run on the PineTab, as I have already the AppImage run on my debian desktop.

I’m also looking for away to get DC running on Mobian – that would be great! I’m also looking for binaries, recipes to follow just don’t work when I put my skills to test, too…

Another ARM64 / aarch64 user here who would love to be able to run DeltaChat (both on arch/manjaro and debian/armbian/mobian distros + aarch64 hardaware.)

Only slightly related: The appimage download pages don’t mention that the files are x86-64, from an end-user standpoint it would be nice to have -x86_64.AppImage or -aarch64.AppImage as a filename standard.

Extremely related: link2xt, thank you so much for your work. Going to be starting in on kdeltachat here shortly.

EDIT: kdeltachat will build and run on a Pinebook Pro > Linux - 5.9.6-1-MANJARO-ARM - aarch64

Last time I tried to build deltachat-core-rust it failed way harder than I could figure out (boiled down to an openssl issue if I remember correctly,) glad to see that initial blocking issue has been solved.

Manjaro (arch-based) specific process:

Then finally, ./kdeltachat

I’d try this on my pinephone + mobian but I’m pretty sour on how fragile that distro is at the moment, got tired of reinstalling images for the time being…


Any news on this?

I have created an unlisted repository for Flatpak builder scripts, you can use it to bulid and test KDeltaChat on Linux easily: ~link2xt/kdeltachat-flatpak - sourcehut git
You may need to update the commit hash (last line in with a pointer to the latest commit in ~link2xt/kdeltachat - sourcehut git, because I don’t do it on every update. Alternatively, build according to the README in KDeltaChat repository without Flatpak.

KDeltaChat is far from being ready to use, but I continue its development slowly. You can configure new accounts with basic settings now, chat avatars and the number of unnoticed messages are displayed in the chatlist and there is a working “Settings” page with the ability to toggle encryption and read receipts.


Thanks for your work! I tried to build the flatpak but my PinePhone freezes with the flatpak-builder on “Building [=======> ] 410/411”

I would try cross compiling, as the ram of the pinephone might fill up compiling the core in release mode.

Looks like flatpak-builder has built-in qemu support for cross-compliation, worth a try indeed:

I would try qemu path first though.

Any news on what to expect in far or near future? Without Signal or DeltaChat that phone is almost as useful as a paperweight :stuck_out_tongue: